Bore Repair Systems, Inc. engineers have designed our products based on experience derived in the field and by listening to what you want.  We are confident that you will be pleased with the systems we offer.  Users report an average weld time savings of 80% versus hand welding and over 50% machining time savings due to the smooth, even deposit left in the workpiece bore by a Bore Repair System BOA borewelder.  Try a BOA today and see for yourself.  Below are several customer testimonials.
Patented - Meets European CE quality standard
TOM OF VERONESI WELDING, CT WRITES "Since purchasing my BOA borewelder I have generated more heavy equipment bore repair work than I can handle. I do more work in far less time with higher quality results."
MIKE OF SCHMIDT JOHN DEERE, MA WRITES "The BOA system has been great...our customers are very pleased. The BOA borewelder gets the job done quickly and produces results often better than factory."
BRUCE OF WHITESTONE LOGGING, AK WRITES "Without the BOA bore welder, our cost of repairs for our log yarding machine would have been ten times the amount we spent on the BOA.  The BOA is a very versatile tool and we anticipate using it for many  applications."
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