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1. Welding on 6" loader bucket bores. Power supply used: Millermatic™ 200.

2. BOA-308i borewelder face. The chart printed on the face shows approximate speed setting for your bore.  Also note torch direction switch and locking clutch lever.

3. & 4. Complete boring & welding system repairing center articulation point on loader.  This job illustrates the importance of the pass-through drive system as clearance is limited above top bore.

5. Close up view of welding in 2.5" diameter bore in 1/2 yard excavator / backhoe bucket.  Note the smooth deposition of the weld. A single pass took only 5 1/2 minutes.

6. Welding between 3 1/2" diameter bores on underside of Kawasaki® loader.  Again pass-through design was appreciated.

7. Welding between  worn bores on front of Caterpillar® 930 loader. The reversible torch system of the BOA was a timesaver here as no recentering or repositioning of the drive unit was required to weld opposite bores. The telescoping torch is simply slid out and re-inserted (inverted position) in drive.

8. The automatic Face Torch shown in action.  This will attach to the BOA-308i and BOA-211 as well as other makes and models of borewelder.  The torch has a diameter range of 0-24".

9. The BOA borewelder being centered on a small backhoe bucket using the optional BRS steel centering cones and centering tube. The cones may also be used for centering your 1.25" diameter bore bar.


More Photos from the shop and field below:


Loader hitch being repaired with #3 BOA bore repair system. Machine is cutting two bores at once on this job. Bores are approximately 2.5" diameter.

Completed job. Total time for pre-cutting, bore welding and finish cutting was under 8 hours.  (4) (very worn and out of round 2.5" diameter bores repaired. Standard 72" long x 1.75" dia bar used. Customer who did this job purchased our popular #3 package.

Close-up showing the quality of repair using the ultra-precise non-roller bearings used on the #3 BOA bore repair package.  Finish cuts were made with our low-profile carbide cutters, adjusted with the Bore Repair KTA precision tool adjuster.

Bore Repair's Precision tool adjuster shown pushing the cutter bit out with ultra-precision (.0005" increments) for the final cutting operation. This handy tool can also pull the tool bit out with .0005" precision. Notice the tool is clamped to a dummy bit held in place by the set screw in the auxiliary tool port. The auxiliary port was used earlier with the Bore Repair, KMT-2 bore measure kit. The KTA precision tool adjuster is the most versatile adjuster because it does not require you to have a certain length tool bit, or certain amount of tool bit sticking out from the boring bar.  Bore Repair Systems works closely with actual users in the field to test and develop the most user-friendly bore repair tools in the industry.


  BOA-308i mounted between bores.  Customer purchased complete boring / welding system and is utilizing the BOA welder / boring bar interchange plate. TM series hydraulic bar used. Power supply used: Miller XMT304cc/cv with S22P12 wirefeeder.


BOA-308i borewelder performing face weld on worn inner face of excavator part.  Diameter of 4.75" to 6.0"  Note borewelder is supported on 3000 series bearing with BOA welder / boring bar interchange plate. Power supply used was Millermatic 250.


  1.25" diameter boring bar used to cut 4.75" bore using high-speed steel bit supported in cutter extender.  Electric drive boring bar used.  Complete system purchased included BOA-308i S1 welder with 3000 boring bar system plus automatic face torch.


  1.75" hydraulic TM series bar system working on 4.0" center pin bore on John Deere payloader.  Note the cut depth, over .120" being removed from the diameter, with no visible rotation speed fluctuation. Customer purchased TM series bar / BOA-308i S1 system.  MIG power supply used: Millermatic 250.


  1.75" hydraulic TM series bar system working on 4.0" center pin bore on John Deere payloader.  Note entire PASS-THROUGH drive system is conveniently mounted in the center, between bores. 

  BOA-450HD Borewelder cladding 36" diameter bore in rock crusher roll.  Wire used .045" diameter.  Depth approximately 48".


BOA-Borewelder&EV-Boring EV3 110v or 240V electric drive boring bar system first introduced at CONEXPO SHOW 2002.  Since then, it has been our best selling boring system.  Capable of boring a range (with accessories) of 15/16" dia to 10", it fits the bill for most individuals repairing heavy equipment. The 1.4+ hp motor cuts with nearly the same performance as a base line hydraulic.  Available with a bulletproof mechanical feed or servo feed. Ready to run price on the EV1 system starts under $8500.00  Yes this includes the premium chromed & straightened bars with DUAL tool ports every 12" too! ***NOTE:  the BOA-308i bore welder mounted opposite the EV recentering is required to change from machining to welding.



Speaking of premium features, look at the above three photos, and read below. This series of photos show how our centering system works.  If you have set up a traditional boring bar using centering cones, you know how hard it is to get both cones tight in the bores that you are setting up your boring bar on. Trying to tighten the cones to the point where there is no clearance/play between the cones and the bore is virtually impossible to do even with a second person helping, say nothing about trying to do it yourself.  Well we have the solution, and it is standard in our #1-#5 boring bar packages. Notice the handy compression rings that fit nicely between the centering cone and cone retainer clamp. Using the supplied spanner wrench, one person now can easily achieve a perfectly tight, accurate centering of your boring bar.  And notice that broached second tool port? Every tool location has a second just in front of it. This allows you to measure your bore using our KMT-2 snap gage system without removing your cutting bit. With this reading, you then can use our micrometer tool bit adjuster to accurately retract the tool bit with .001" resolution for a perfect finish bore size. Having the second tool port also provides you with the benefit of first taking a 1/4"  "sample final cut" second re-measuring bore to confirm accuracy, third resume when confirmed that bore is the size you want.  This way, you can measure twice and cut once. Overcutting by accident is no fun, and we offer the simple solution.



  BOA-308i S1 bore welder working on Komatsu excavator bores. Bores are approximately 89mm (3.5 in.). Power supply used: Miller Millermatic 250 with 75% argon / 25% Co2 gas shield.  Customer is using the BOA with integrated TM hydraulic boring bar system.  No re-centering is required when changing from boring to bore welding.  Bore welder to boring bar drive interchange plate is being used.


  BOA bore welder shown welding bores on the front of Caterpillar D4 bulldozer.  Note bore welder is attached directly to the boring bar bearing housings which are already attached to part.  The optional interchange kit allows 2 minute change over from boring to welding.  The  integrated bore welder with small EV electric boring bar system with welder to boring bar interchange kit is available under $15,900.  


        Bore repair systems portable boring bar system repairing the right rudder shaft bushing housing on the beautiful 150 foot  "Charisma" yacht.  There were (2) sections to be bored, diameter of 6.5" with length of 10".    From multi-million dollar yachts to power plant steam chest valve bodies to payloaders and everything in between, Bore Repair Systems, Inc. offers a top quality repair solution.


General bucket bore repair. Caterpillar excavator.  Bore size: 3.5" x 4" long.  Integrated bore welder / boring bar system completes the job quickly to class A standards.



General bore repair being performed with the BOA-308i bore welder / electric boring bar / bore welder package on Caterpillar bulldozer arms.  Bore dimensions approx: 2.75" dia x 2.5" deep.


BB6 Boring Machine BB6 Heavy duty boring system. The test cuts you see in the photo are .250" deep (depth of cut). Yes, the BB6 can remove 1/2" material out of the diameter of a bore when using the 2.25" bar and pneumatic motor. The BB6 boring system features a modular mechanical feed with variable feed rate, 2.25" diameter bar, (optional 1.25" bar may be run as well) adjustable EZ-Mount bearing spiders and the popular pass through design.  Drive power comes from your choice of hydraulic, pneumatic or electric. Bore range is 1 3/8" to over 30" diameter.  This system not only has the most durable feed box of any of the modular feed box equipped boring machines, but it beats their price by thousands.  This is a machine that can take years of heavy use and not require expensive annual rebuilds of the feed box.


  The feeling our customers get after purchasing and using quality Bore Repair Systems, Inc. equipment.  Patented, CE approved, unsurpassed quality...Bore Repair Systems.  


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